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Japan's Largest Fine Ceramics Show!

The show gathers all kinds of highly-functional ceramics, materials, forming/processing equipment, burning/heating equipment, evaluation/testing/analysis equipment, etc.

Visitor: Ceramics Manufacturers from following departments: R&D, Production Technology, Quality Management, Purchasing, Following Ceramics Users: Automobile, Aerospace, Electronics, Medical Device, Industrial Machinery, etc. 
Exhibitor: Following manufacturers, trading companies, etc.: Highly-functional Ceramics: Structural Material, Functional Material, Biomaterial, Refractory Material, etc., Material: Oxide, Fluorescence, Nitride, Carbide, etc., Advanced Coating, Forming/Bonding Technology, Inspection/Analysis Testing Equipment, Powder Processing, etc.
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    • The best place to:
    • Find products and technologies to solve research and production issues
    • Effective compare the latest technologies from around the world
    • Carry out face-to-face business meetings with key industry leaders
    • Networking with industry top executives
    Visit and discover the latest technologies/products
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    visitor-eng.material@reedexpo.co.jp +81-3-3349-8568